Fashion has always had a huge influence on people around the world. The main reason why we try to follow the latest fashion trends is a desire to look stylish, attractive, popular and more confident. Generally people judge a new person by his appearance and his clothes and only then, by his inner qualities. There is a proverb: Good clothes open all doors. Thats why we do our best to make a favourable impression on others. We spend a lot of money to keep up with fashion and buy designer clothes.
Size guide 5XL (Shirts, Tops and Jackets)
Chest width: 155-160 cm
Waist width: 156-160 cm
Another +XL size (Chest/Waist)
2XL: 121-128 / 113-121
3XL: 129-135 / 122-130
4XL: 136-141 / 131-139
5XL: 142-147 / 140-148
6XL: 148-153 / 149-154
7XL: 154-159 / 155-160
plus sizes range